Small Business

Having business insurance gives you more than just peace of mind; it plays a vital role in the overall strategy of a long-standing business plan.

Whether you’re seeking protection for your business through one of our general business insurance markets or through one of our industry specific programs, we have your business protected with commercial auto, property, worker’s compensation, general liability, umbrella/excess liability, business owners, cyber liability, professional liability and employer benefits insurance, and much more. With the ability to customize your insurance program to fit your needs, we can be your one-stop source for a full range of insurance products. Ephlin Group will gladly provide quotes over the phone or online, whatever is best for you. If you're looking for competitive quotes to see if your current plans are competitively priced, then please contact us.

Home & Renters

You worked for the home you deserve. Protect it from life's eventualities.

Your house is your most valuable asset both in memory and financially. Protecting what is priceless as well as our possessions, Home and Renters Policies are essential shields against life's most unexpected moments. This should not be a stressful event for you and your family. At Ephlin Group, we take our time to provide you with everything you need to make the best decision possible without sacrificing what's most important to you. And because we are very diligent about who we partner with, we can provide you with accurate, competitively priced policies. Lastly, Ephlin Group values the importance of wisdom; if you would like a no cost, no obligation review of your current policy with a complimentary comparison, call our office. We're here to serve!

Personal & Family

They say "as long as we have each other, and insurance, we have everything". We agree. No matter their nostalgic value, physical possessions cannot compare to the importance of good company.

We understand. Insurance is not the most romantic conversation. Neither is the process of preparing for "just in case" and personal tragedy. But at Ephlin Group, we have the experience and wisdom to make preparing for personal eventualities a valuable experience full of optimism. As certified Insurance Counselors, we have the expertise to be sure your legacy is protected with a suite of options from personal health, family health, accidental death and other life policies, and even identity theft. If you need to research supplemental coverage outside of what is available from your employer or organization, we are here to help with that as well. Take advantage of adventure knowing you are protected.

Cars & Drivers

Where did you go yesterday? Today? Tomorrow? Land or sea or air? Now, imagine your daily life without access to reliable transportation. How important is it now?

The freedom to roam is priceless and often taken for granted. Whether this is your first drive or your first kid's drive, reliable transportation plays a pivotal role in our lives. As the owner of a vehicle, you share a responsibility to everyone and everything around you to help remain safe and protect yourself as well as protect others. A good auto policy is not just about state minimums and fender benders; a good auto policy is designed to ensure that you are protected financially in the event of any unexpected circumstance while operating a vehicle, no matter the damage, fault or cause.

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